SRVO-068 – DTERR alarm

SRVO-068 DTERR alarm (Grp:%d Ax:%d)


A request signal was sent to the serial Pulsecoder but no serial data was returned.



  1. Check the connection of the cable between the Pulsecoder and servo amplifier. (If the alarm is occurred at robot axes check the connection of the robot interconnection cable (for the Pulsecoder)).
  2. Check the shielding of the above cable is connected securely to the grounding plate
  3. Replace the Pulsecoder.
  4. Replace the servo amplifier.
  5. Replace the robot interconnection cable (for the Pulsecoder). Refer to the Controller Maintenance Manual for more information.
    • (Paint) This alarm occurs when the CPU cannot communicate with the pulsecoder(s). Possible causes include damaged Pulsecoder damaged cable damaged EIM.


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